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Because you're tall. I love a tall man.

And then there's the whole Antichrist thing.


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Demon. Witch. Follower. Fighter.

Once upon a time, in a little hamlet far, far away, there was a girl named Ruby who wanted to be a witch. So she went to her local demon, and said “Hey, I wanna have the power to screw over everyone else around me, and in exchange, I’ll give you my bright and shiny human soul.”

Okay, that’s probably not what happened.

What actually did happen was that growing up in the thirteen hundreds is hard on a girl, and when praying to God doesn’t really help, you do whatever you can that will. Canon never made clear what those circumstances were—odds are she probably just wanted a better life than the one she had—and the idea of participating something that can give you real power can tempt anyone. Especially if it’s a time when the plague is big. Ruby was lured into the local coven, a small group of women that used magic to get them what they needed, all the time completely unaware of what this was costing them until it was too late. Magic like that always backfires, and it’s likely that it’s what got Ruby killed, because witches can only sell themselves out for so long before they either overdose on the magic, or a hunter catches on, and in the case of Ruby, it was more likely the latter. Odds are there wasn’t a dramatic burning at the stake, and more like a knife to the gut, but in the end, dead is still dead.

This is when the catch kicked in.

In order to become a witch, Ruby had to give her soul over to a demon, and in doing so, gets that soul sent to Hell upon her death. Once she was in Hell, she was tortured beyond recognition, torn into pieces, and forced to forget everything human about her. It didn’t work, not completely, but what little humanity was left clung to one of the most human aspects possible—faith. But, being Hell, her sense of faith was twisted an perverted, and turned into loyal worship of the only god that demons have—Lucifer, the being that created them.

This faith caught the attention of Lilith, the first demon, and she recruited Ruby for a very special project. Eventually, when the time came, Lilith would need her to make sure that the Boy King was prepared to kill her and release their father, bringing about the Apocalypse in his wake. Believing that this was Lucifer giving demons the land that should have always been theirs, Ruby agreed, even if it meant convincing the rest of the underworld that she was fighting for the other side. She clawed her way topside, found herself a nice body, and went to work. After spending some quality time with Samuel Colt, teaching him how to build a gun that could kill anything, she took her own, personal, demon killing knife, and started to go to down on the rest of her kind. It didn’t make her a whole lot of friends, to say the least. She got bounced back and forth between Earth and Hell a couple of times, but usually managed to claw her way to the surface again, probably with Lilith’s help.

When the Devil’s Gate was opened and she went topside again, she started out trying to get under Sam’s skin under the pretense that she was trying to help him save his brother. She played the part full tilt, often putting herself in harm’s way for the brothers, to make them believe that she was on their side. In May 2008, her meat suit had appeared to be hijacked by Lilith right before Dean died, keeping Ruby’s cover intact and still allowing their plan to proceed forward as needed.

While Dean was dead, Ruby proceeded to try and get to Sam, this time using a subtler, gentler approach. She tried to appeal to him emotionally, using sex and the promise of revenge to get him to trust her. Once Dean came back, however, Sam elected to keep what they were doing a secret, but to proceed with the plan to kill Lilith. When Dean found out, Sam stopped for a while, but Ruby kept pushing, allowing herself to be tortured by Alastair in order to maintain her cover. Eventually she managed to convince Sam to take up training with his abilities again, and even take it a step further where she convinced him to start drinking her blood in order to increase his powers. She got him to the point where he could kill, and continued to supply him with the blood until she disappeared for an unknown reason. When she returned, Sam had been imprisoned in the panic room, detoxing, and it made him rather easy to manipulate back onto her side. She took him to Lilith, watched as he killed her, before revealing that she had been working for Lilith the whole time. Dean barged into the room a few minutes later, and Sam held her in place as Dean killed her, stabbing her with her own knife.

Name: Ruby
Fandom: Supernatural

Ruby is played post-422: Lucifer Rising, unless otherwise stated. A list of her active verses is HERE.

Disclaimer: Not Ruby. Not Katie Cassidy, Genevieve Cortese, or Yvonne Strahovski. Ruby belongs to Kripke, and all the lovely ladies own themselves. I’m just borrowing and will put everything back where I found it.